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Learn the latest innovative, tested, and proven tactics from instructors actively performing High-Risk Dignitary Protection.

The SGI training staff is comprised of operators from both the military and law enforcement Special Operations Communities.

SGI is a U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service Provider. This course is taught by instructors currently performing on U.S. Department of State protective contracts domestically and abroad.

The SGI High-Risk Dignitary Protection Course in June is being hosted by the City of Mountain View Police Department SWAT Team in Mountain View, California. This is a very ambitious and challenging  4-day (40) hour training program. This course is designed to prepare operators for placement on a dignitary protection detail. Our course focuses on Diplomatic Security and Executive Protection in-country and abroad.

Tactics and techniques taught during this course are combined with realistic training scenarios to test the operator as an individual, a team-member, and as a team-leader of a protective detail. This course was created using the U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Services model in conjunction with the vast real-world experiences of our instructors.

Course content includes:

  • Organization of a Protective Detail

  • Protective Operations Planning and Briefing

  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

  • Route and Site Security Surveys and Checklists

  • Business, Home, Hotel, and Venue Security

  • Advance Team Operations

  • Protective "Diamond" Formations

  • Vehicle Motorcade Operations

  • Downed/Disabled Limo Recovery

  • "Driver-Down" Drills

  • Counter-Assault and Counter-Ambush Drills

  • Counter Assault Team Element

  • Attack on Principal - Drills

  • NEW - SWAT Team - CAT Response and Responsibilities

  • NEW - SWAT Team - High Profile Inmate Transportation

  • NEW - SWAT Team - Witness Protection and Transportation

  • NEW - Combat Tac-Med

  • Current Terrorist and Criminal Threats

  • Identification of Improvised Explosive Devices

  • Extensive Advanced Firearms Training

  • "Reality-Based" FTX Scenarios

Equipment Requirements:

  • BDU's/ or other Training Uniform (w/ cover garment for concealment)
  • Casual Civilian Attire w/ cover garment
  • Hip Holster (capable of being concealed)
  • Handgun (500 rounds of ammo)
  • (3) High-Cap Pistol Magazines
  • Magazine Pouches (handgun)
  • Optional - SMG / Carbine w/ Tactical Sling (500 rounds of ammo)
  • Range Bag (eye and ear protection, cleaning gear)
  • Soft Body Armor
  • Vehicles (will be provided on range day unless you choose to work with your own)
  • TUITION : $950

  • LOCATION: Mountain View, Ca. (hosted by the Mountain View Police Department SWAT Team)

  • PRE-REGISTRATION : If pre-registered prior to June 6th, 2008 the course cost is $900

  • REGISTRATION: All registration is required prior to June 11th, 2008

  • PAYMENT:Make checks payable to Solutions Group Intl. and mail to - 9663 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 175 Beverly Hills, CA. 90210

  • CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: For credit card payments please contact us at:

  • COURSE RESTRICTED : Law Enforcement, Military, TEES, EMS, and select Security Personnel - ONLY

  • PREREQUISITE: Personnel attending this course should have intermediate to advanced gun handling skills, and be in above average physical condition.

  • SPECIAL OFFER: Law Enforcement and Military personnel Only - (2 + 1) - pay for two team members and another attends at no charge.

  • NEXT COURSE: July 7-10, 2008 in Laurens, SC. "High-Risk Dignitary Protection" - hosted by the Laurens City Police Department.

    For Operational Security, specific information and training locations will be provided to students on the first day of the course.



SGI Mobile Training Teams (MTT) will travel anywhere in the United States, or to any U.S. Dept. of State allied nation to deliver a custom training course to meet your specific needs.

Organizations hosting an MTT will be provided one to two slot(s) (depending on class size) in any course at no cost.

If your organization is interested in hosting a mobile training team, please click on the link below and navigate to our contact page.

:: (877) 844-8744 ext.1 or ext.2

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