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Wednesday September 28, 2022
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SGI Testimonials

Tactical Training Testimonials

"This course went above my expectations. It increased my awareness as a SWAT Operator while providing protection to dignitaries visiting our county, assisting the United States Secret Service with presidential visits and to the point of walking with my own family while on vacation or just around the mall shopping." Sgt. V. Dollahite, Jr - Shelby County (TN) Sheriff's Office
"The medical block of the SGI HRDP course was well taught and highly applicable to the tactical community. The overall course was excellent with experienced, highly proficient instructors who delivered mission specific training at a high level." Dr. Matt Sena – Surgeon / Former 18D SF Medic
"As the supervisor of a protection detail for the mayor of one of America's largest cities, I have had the opportunity to attend several different executive protection training classes. Solutions Group International offers the most dynamic and applicable protective service training I have ever been apart of. The cadre of instructors were knowledgeable, professional and backed by real world experience. When asked I recommend Solutions Group International." Sgt. Scott Masino - Phoenix (AZ) Police Department
Mayors Protection Detail
“The Solutions Group International High-Risk Dignitary Protection Course is nothing short of remarkable! The coursework and instructor cadre are the real deal. No time for half stepping! One of the best courses I have participated in during my 28 years of combined Military and Law Enforcement career. SGI will take your team to the next level!” Sgt. Tim O'Connell - San Bernardino County (CA) Sheriffs Department
SED / SWAT - Team Leader / Training Supervisor
“Having recently attended the SGI High Risk Dignitary Protection course in Sacramento, I can honestly say it was one of the best courses I have attended in the past 15 years. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and presented the material in a straight-forward, no BS manner.” Deputy I. Carver - Sacramento (CA) Sheriff's Department
“The SGI instructor cadre are quiet professionals who deliver realistic training applicable to anyone assigned to a dignitary protection team or other specialized unit. Not only would I highly recommend SGI for training, I will be attending several of their training courses in the future. By far, some of the best training I have ever been to.” Officer Jon Wycinsky - Richmond (CA) Police Department
“The topics and course material were detailed and verifiable through experience. The SGI instructor cadre were professional grade.” Deputy D. Epperson - Sacramento County (CA) Sheriff's Department
“SGI's instructors were top notch and had the qualifications and experience to instruct even the most skilled of operators. The class was no-nonsense, always moving, learning and evaluating. I appreciated the high standards the instructors demanded from their students and they themselves demonstrated.” Deputy B. Prehoda - Sacramento County (CA) Sheriff's Department
“Out of all of the specialty training courses I have been fortunate to attend in my 16 1/2 years in Law Enforcement and my 6 1/2 years assigned to SED, SGIs' High-Risk Dignitary Protection course is definitely at the top of the list! Very credible instructors and the course content was second to none.” Deputy C. Pfau - Sacramento County (CA) Sheriff's Department
“I recently attended SGI's High-Risk Dignitary Protection Course in Sacramento CA. I am a former USAF Pararescueman and over the years, I have had the opportunity to attended multiple training schools and courses. I must say, I was very impressed with Solutions Group International as a company and have complete respect for their outstanding instructors, who all exceeded my expectations.” Officer Jon Wycinsky - Richmond (CA) Police Department
The staff on hand with Solutions Group International were top notch. They kept the instruction simple, covered all areas of responsibility and liabilities that we face daily in Law Enforcement. By far the best training I have been part of during my 25 year law enforcement career, including my 13 years years as a SWAT Team Operator, Assault Team Sergeant and Street Supervisor. Sgt. V. Dollahite, Jr - Shelby County (TN) Sheriff's Office
“I highly recommend the SGI High-Risk Dignitary Protection course for any officer working a specialty assignment. I took away not only a new skill, but improved my firearms and driving abilities as well. Thanks again SGI. Your standing ovation at the end of class from the students was well deserved.” Deputy B. Prehoda - Sacramento County (CA) Sheriff's Department
“SGI instructors clearly have an extensive base of experience in real world operations and showed a high level of proficiency in tactics, firearms marksmanship, motorcade operations and dignitary protection. They were equally proficient at teaching those skills to a class of officers who had diverse backgrounds and experience levels. They are a rare breed and have positively impacted my career. I will be attending more training with SGI in the future.” Deputy Jeff Massagli - Sacramento County (CA) Sheriff's Department
“I can honestly tell you that SGI has put together some of the most talented, real-world instructors I have ever been exposed to. Anyone can look good "on paper", but when SGI instructors are out in front providing instruction, you immediately realize that they know what they are talking about.” Lt. Larry Baird - Portland (OR) Police Bureau
Criminal Intelligence Unit
“The practical scenarios encountered during the SGI High-Risk Dignitary Protection course tested the ability of the students to apply the concepts and principals learned in realistic situations that may be encountered during the course of the job. I would highly recommend this course to other personnel engaged in providing protective services.” Deputy I. Carver - Sacramento (CA) Sheriff's Department
"SGI provides real world, action packed training at a blistering, non-stop pace and the instructors are first rate with a ton of knowledge." Sgt. Christopher Lick - Escondido (CA) Police Department
Patrol Supervisor

Film and Entertainment Industry Support Services Testimonials

“I worked with Mike and SGI in the fall of 2008 for a role that I was preparing for. With his background and SGI's support they were able, from a simple character description, put together a complete week long tactical training program that targeted specifically what I needed in order to accurately portray a Force Recon Marine. I found working with SGI not only a great learning experience that I will carry forever, but I learned about the discipline, lighting quick decision making and overwhelming information overload U.S. combat Marines deal with in combat. My hat is off to all our service men and women deployed around the world. Great guy and top notch company. I will definitely be working with them again.” Christopher Eric Ruiz (Actor)

Consulate Security Services Testimonials

“I started working with Solutions Group International (SGI) in 2007 when they were awarded the U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service contract to protect the Turkish Consul General and his family in Los Angeles. SGI under the direction of their senior leadership and U.S. Department of State oversight developed, staffed and implemented an armed protective service detail that was the best team I have ever been associated with. I hope I will have an opportunity to work with SGI again in the future.” Captain Yusuf Aydin - Turkish National Police
Diplomatic Attache / Turkish Consulate (Los Angeles, Ca.)

Special Event Security Testimonials

“Solutions Group International provided outstanding work for my company while I was in the Los Angeles area. As Director of Security for Leviev Diamonds, it was a pleasure to work with former law enforcement professionals such as Michael and the rest of his staff. It was clear to me that SGI sets itself apart from other companies when it comes to the needs of their clients. I will continue to use SGI's services in the future and would recommend them to any individual or company that requires a professional job done at a reasonable cost.” John Fallon (Ret. NYPD)
Director of Security - Leviev Diamonds

Touring Security Testimonials

“With their unsurpassed attention to detail, forward thinking and problem-solving they set the standard for modern security in our industry. I will use no one else." Ed Baker - Tour Manager
Linkin Park / Stone Temple Pilots
“I can only say it was a pleasure to work with someone who is knowledgeable, well spoken, fluent in several languages and a great team player.” Thomas Reitz - Tour Manager
Rihanna / Natasha Bedingfield
“His ability to take initiative, follow direction and his attention to detail have made him an incredible asset to this tour.” Marty Hom - Tour Manager
Evanescence / Shakira / Alicia Keys
“Professional, diplomatic, sociable yet one step ahead of everyone else." Serj Tankian - Lead Singer
System Of A Down
"I see now that the prospect of a super group also applies to risk management. Solutions Group International is putting together a strong representation of what every Tour Manager wants and needs. I will always know that my charges are safe and never put in any compromising positions." Mike Amato - Tour Manager
System Of A Down

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