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SGI - Service Divisions

Whatever concerns our clients may face - from routine loss-prevention to enhanced security, or dealing with kidnappings and criminal threats domestically or abroad - the men and women of Solutions Group International stand ready. Learn about the ten distinct service divisions we have developed to meet the demands of our clients.

Security Services

SGI maintains an extensive database of highly qualified and skilled personnel who comprise our Uniformed Security Service Division. SGI only employs former military and law enforcement personnel to perform on all of our security service contracts. Our selection process for uniformed security service personnel includes an initial assessment, thorough background check, and mandatory completion of a 40-hour security-training program developed by SGI.

Executive and Dignitary Protection

Our highly qualified staff is bilingual and comprised of retired members of the military special operations community, as well as retired and active members of local, state, and federal law enforcement specialized units. SGI's combined operational experience and versatility is our greatest asset and ultimately serves to ensure the uncompromised safety and security of our clients.

Government Contracting

Solutions Group International (SGI) is a U.S. owned and operated company. SGI has extensive exposure in government contracting and possess the necessary level of experience to meet and exceed the expectations of the federal government. Our government contracting team possess years of collective experience in contract management and compliance.

Law Enforcement & Military Tactical Training

The SGI tactical instructor cadre is comprised of a balanced integration of military and law enforcement special operations personnel with real world experience in the disciplines they teach. Our tactical courses are a balance of formal classroom instruction combined with practical and realistic application.

Executive Retreats & Corporate Team Building Events

The Solutions Group International (SGI) Executive “Warrior” Experience is an unmatched team-building event that brings your organization to one of SGIs training facilities to receive world class training from members of our elite instructor cadre, comprised of members from both the U.S. Military Special Operations and U.S. Law Enforcement Special Weapons communities.

Special Investigations

SGI provides a wide variety of special investigative services for our clients worldwide. Our licensed investigators are current or retired municipal and federal law enforcement professionals with decades of actual case experience and courtroom testimony in both criminal and civil matters. Our highly trained and experienced investigators will obtain the results you need in a confidential and discreet manner.

Threat Matrix & Vulnerability Assessments

SGI understands the threats facing today's businesses. We can help minimize your risks by finding and assessing your infrastructure vulnerabilities and recommending solutions that will ensure the security and continuity of your business and assets. SGI can provide an extensive in-depth evaluation of your facilities and collateral assets by performing a detailed risk-assessment based on current threat levels, legal guidelines, imposed mandates, and your business requirements.

Civilian Firearms & Survival Training

Our Civilian Firearms Training Division provides formal group training programs and seminars to Civilian Shooters, Families, Women, and Children of all ages and skill level.  SGI offers a variety of tactical training courses open to the general public.

Film & Entertainment Industry Support Services

With over two decades of real-world military and law enforcement special operations experience, we can assist the entertainment industry in accurately portraying both the military and law enforcement professions. In addition, SGI is capable of providing a wide realm of specialized security services to meet the needs of our clients in the Film and Entertainment Industry during all phases of a production.

Executive Concierge Services

SGI concierge services are for the discerning person who wishes to experience the exclusive VIP privileges found throughout Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. From the lavish to the practical, submit your requests and consider them done. Experience our executive service and immediately realize the benefit of having an organized, dependable and knowledgeable expert and your fingertips.

Workplace for Warriors Program – W4W™

The SGI Workplace4Warriors program assists military service personnel with the transition back into the civilian security workforce. Our free program offers a complete package of employment-assistance services, including job training, networking and job placement assistance. The SGI W4W program focuses on providing military service personnel with all of the training needed to increase their marketability within the security industry.

Touring Security Services

Solutions Group International (SGI) is proud to offer comprehensive tour security services for our high-profile clients while on tour. Our dedicated and professional staff has decades of experience providing tour security for some of the biggest names in the music industry today. Regardless of where your travels may take you, SGI is able to provide full coverage to our clients, allowing them to reach their fans on a global scale with complete peace of mind.

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