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Services Divisions - Film & Entertainment Industry Support Services

Film & Entertainment Industry Support Services

SGI Technical Advising

SGI has the capability of providing security and consulting services to the entertainment and film industry. We have provided technical advising services to several film and television productions, and are in the process of negotiating other projects. SGI recruits and places real police and military service personnel on projects where realism and credibility must be achieved.With over two decades of real-world military and law enforcement special operations experience, we can assist the entertainment industry in accurately portraying both the military and law enforcement professions.

In addition, SGI is capable of providing a wide realm of transportation and specialized security services to meet the needs of our clients in the Film and Entertainment Industry during all phases of a production, domestically or internationally. SGI can arrange all travel and security. SGI provides these same services to several top recording artists while on tour around the world. Our tour security teams have extensive domestic and international travel experience, and many are bilingual.

Solutions Group International (SGI) maintains an extensive database of highly qualified and skilled security personnel. SGI only employs former military and law enforcement personnel to perform on all of our security service contracts. By taking this approach, we are able to ensure that we are hiring individuals who possess the ability to make sound decisions, are capable of maintaining a professional image, and will endeavor to represent both SGI and our clients at a very high level. Currently, SGI is actively involved in providing a multitude of security services to a large production studio in Los Angeles.

Our services include:


  • Uniformed Security Services (armed / unarmed)
  • Modified Security Uniform (when working on location)
  • Executive Protection (armed / unarmed)
  • Protective Service Drivers (armed / unarmed)
  • Ground Transportation Services
  • K-9 Patrol and Detection Services
  • Studio / Set / Location Scouting
  • Production Services (signage and barricades)
  • Audience Screening and Load-In
  • Movie Screening Security & Anti-Piracy
  • Threat Matrix and Vulnerability Assessment

Stunt Rigging

  • Urban Climbing and Rappelling
  • Wilderness Skills
  • Watercraft
  • Helicopter Rappelling, Fast Rope, and SPIE Rig Operations
  • Skydiving and Aerial Drops
  • Tactical Underwater Diving and Swimming
  • Stunt Doubles

Technical Advisor

  • Script Review
  • Creative Consulting
  • Firearms Handling and Manipulation
  • Pre-Production Skill Training
  • Law Enforcement and Military Tactical Choreography
  • Tactical Tracking Operations (Rural / Urban)
  • Special Weapons and Tactics Instruction
  • Specialized Assault and Explosive Breaching
  • Unarmed Combat / Fighting
  • Knife Fighting Skills & Techniques
  • Law Enforcement Protocol and Customs
  • Military Protocol and Customs

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