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Services Divisions - Corporate Team Building

Executive Warrior Experience

  • Teambuilding

    Mission Objective : Corporate Team Building

  • Coaching

    "Not bad for a CEO"

  • Helicopter Flights

    "We have a hot LZ..!"

  • Subject Matter Experts

    "We get to shoot what?"

  • Special Weapons Instruction

    "Going full auto...Get some!"

  • Subject Matter Experts

    "The range is going hot"

The Solutions Group International (SGI) Executive “Warrior” Experience is an unmatched team-building event that brings your organization to one of SGIs training facilities to receive world class training from members of our elite instructor cadre, comprised of members from both the U.S. Military Special Operations and U.S. Law Enforcement Special Weapons communities. Our instructors have unsurpassed real-world experience providing real-world solutions in high-risk, non-permissive environments around the globe and are eager to share their specialized skill sets with you.

Your VIP Experience will begin with transportation from the airport to your hotel where you will have time to download your luggage before your first mission brief and safety orientation. You and your team will then get issued all of your essential gear and jump right into the first training evolution, which is guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping! Our programs involve live-fire exercises, where you will engage targets in a variety of tactical scenarios with a range of weapons including:

  • Our custom ZEV Technologies Glock 19 pistols
  • Full auto AR-15 and AK-47 weapon platforms
  • Semiautomatic .50 caliber rifles
  • An arsenal of belt-fed weapon systems

Build Your Custom Executive Warrior Experience:

Program Activities:

Executive Machine Gunner Aerial Operations
Executive Night Vision Night Operations
  • Night Shoot using NVGs and Thermal Optics
  • Air Operations (Shooting from a Helicopter)
  • Combat Trauma Medicine (Bleed Control)
  • Long Range Precision Marksmanship
  • Tactical Home Defense for the Family
  • Rappelling (Beginner and Advanced)
  • Primitive Skills (Wilderness Survival)
  • Shooting Motorized & Aerial Drones
  • Land Navigation - Map & Compass
  • Escape & Evade (Kidnap Survival)
  • Offensive and Defensive Driving
  • Tracking - Humans and Animals
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Defensive Pistol Craft
  • Mini SWAT Course
  • And much more!

NEW Training Locations in:

  • Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Naples, Florida
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Price, Utah

Choose our pre-designed 2.5-day course package or contact us to create a customized corporate retreat experience that suits your organization's objectives.

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